Writing Backwards

Writers are like snowflakes: no two are exactly alike. We all have different methods, unique inspirations, techniques that work for us but may turn out horrendously for another writer. Just as the plotting vs. writing-as-you-go methods are widely debated and compared, as are the chronological vs. all-over-the-place writing.

Personally, I would prefer to write everything in chronological order; however, my mind jumps ahead to scenes that are supposed to happen way at the end of the book, when I’m only writing the second chapter. And I can’t just ignore these scenes that pop up in my head, begging to be poured onto paper ASAP, or I would drive myself crazy!


I wouldn’t recommend this kind of backwards writing. You might get very confused. Image found here.

Oftentimes, these scenes, chapters, sentences, or what have you, come to me more naturally than the scene I’m trying to get out at the time. When I’m stuck in the scene or chapter I’m writing, these disorganized parts in my head allow me to procrastinate a little—or a lot. But by the same token, they can be a great help when it comes to plotting, as it tells me what needs to happen between the scene I’m working on, and the one that comes to my mind earlier than I expect it to. In the long run, a little bit of disorganization can be a good thing.

So, what about you? Are you adamant about writing chronologically, or do you allow a little bit of story jumping?


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